Meet Your Partners for success

Our Team

Elevations is comprised of talented and experienced professionals. All of our designers have spent years in the industry and have an unwavering commitment to understanding your needs, remarkable attention to detail and provide exceptional customer service. Our teams are experts at utilizing the latest 3D virtual tour technology, staying up-to-date with styles and trends, providing solution based concepts, budgeting, product selection and more. Their passion results in high levels of confidence as they explore ideas that capture your style and functionality needs for everyday life.

Tyler Becker

Showroom Manager
Greater Chicagoland

Meet our Elevations Manager, Tyler. Tyler brings a level of expertise to every project he touches. With over 30 years in the industry, he has in-depth product knowledge to help our customers find the best solution rather than the most obvious. Tyler’s questions about your lifestyle or suggestions for new or specialized products may even trigger you to look at your project in a whole different light. What
drives Tyler’s success? It’s the ability to forge and maintain positive and fruitful relationships with his design team, management and suppliers. Tyler enjoys quality design, solving challenges, and of course, happy customers. His motto? “There are no problems – only opportunities.”

Gabe Alfaro

Decking & Window Specialist
Greater Chicagoland

Looking for lots of experience? You’re in luck−Gabe brings over 20 years to the table. He has worked in various positions during those years, honing his skills as a carpenter, electrician and general contractor. Each position encouraged creativity in design and led him to the next phase of his career. With over 15 years of experience designing custom decks, Gabe is truly an industry expert. Gabe speaks both Spanish and English and loves working with all types of customers to create the perfect outdoor living space.

Stacy Carsello

K&B Specialist
Greater Chicagoland

With a degree in Interior Design, Stacy brings over 10 years of kitchen and bath design experience to the table. Her projects vary from model homes to custom kitchens and even high-end condos. Stacy loves a challenge, whether that means working within a budget or adhering to specific room size limitations. She’s a strong believer that there is always a solution for her client’s needs and wishes. Stacy enjoys working on a variety of projects, from complex custom kitchens to value engineering multi-units. The key to her success is an unwavering dedication to customer service.

Jeff Topolinski

K&B Specialist
Greater Chicagoland

Being in the industry since 1983, Jeff is truly a seasoned kitchen and bath designer. He is known for deep product knowledge, innovative concepts and attention to detail. Jeff’s clients include homeowners, builders, remodelers, multi-unit project managers and commercial builders. He provides each with superior customer service and a true, creative spark that shines through in each of his designs. As a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), and a published designer, Jeff will bring an exceptional level of expertise to your next project.

Nora Van Ham

K&B Specialist
Greater Chicagoland

As a former contractor business owner, Nora understands and appreciates the nuances and challenges of every type of home improvement project. Her first-hand experience has provided her with a unique understanding of her clients needs and is an expert at providing solutions for any challenge. She loves when a project comes together perfectly with finishing touches and achieving a look that is fully-cohesive, from color, to material and everything in between. Regardless of your budget, you can count on Nora to maximize every penny and create a space that the entire family will fall in love with.

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